MetakoteTM Rubber Coated Metal


These high performance products featuring new design concepts have brought about changes in response to Customer's requirements. METAKOTE (Rubber coated metal)has been developed as an alternative product to asbestos gaskets and has been released for engine gaskets. This product has been widely welcomed due to its excellent performance.


Engine Gaskets

This metal gasket is sandwiched between the cylinder head, which is the heart of an engine, and the engine block in order to seal off combustion gas, coolant, and lubrication oil. The gasket material is stainless steel sheet coated with
high-heat-resistant rubber. It contains no environmentally hazardous substances and has excellent sealing performance and endurance


Compressor Gaskets

High-performance gasket with excellent resistance to cooling medium and refrigerator oil, used in compressors for air conditioners. The gasket material is metal sheet coated with specially formulated NBR


Anti-Squeal Brake Shims

An anti-squeal brake shim attached to the pad of a disc brake. The shim is made of laminated layers of rubber, metal and special adhesive to deliver an excellent vibration damping effect, along with high heat resistance and compression resistance properties