Tree Planting Project

16 January 2014

In our effort to conserve the global environment and towards reducing the emission of Carbon Dioxide Gas, Nichias FGS has planted 24 forest species trees at the specified area on 16th January 2014


From left Mr T. Yoshimura, Mr T. Matsushita, Mr H. Ohyama, 
Mr H. Hamada, Mr N. Sugimoto, Mr M. Kawashita, Mr Y. Nakamura
  Mr H.Ohyama, Managing Director placed his signature during the opening ceremony
From left Mr Mohamad Zuber, Mr Ahmad Sabri, Mr Nazri Zakaria,
Mr Y. Nakamura, Mr N. Sugimoto, Mr Sargunan, Mr M. Kawashita,
Mr HengFook Lim, Mr T. Matsushita, Mr Mat Yatim, Mr H. Ohyama,
Mr Mohamed Feroz
  Mr H. Ohyama, Managing Director commenced the planting of the new plants