By offering such attributes as heat resistance, prevention of fluid leakage, soundproofing and anti-corrosion, the NICHIAS Group’s products fulfill customers’ environmental needs with respect to energy and resource conservation, safety and hygiene, and environmental preservation, helping to reduce their environmental impact at the stage where NICHIAS products are used.


NICHIAS has actively promoted environmental conservation activities since the 1970s, establishing an Environmental Improvement Committee when environmental issues such as soot and wastewater first began to be widely discussed. To better organize these activities, NICHIAS took steps to obtain ISO 14001 and other environmental management certifications.


The NICHIAS Environmental Charter and NICHIAS Environmental Action Guidelines express a dedication to the development of environmentally friendly products that conserve resources and energy, as well as NICHIAS’ commitment to pursuing respectful management of the workings of nature and harmony with the global environment in all of its business activities.

About the NICHIAS logo

                                In ancient times, the dragonfly was a symbol of Japan itself. NICHIAS decided on the dragonfly trademark to reflect its vision of an exemplary Japanese company. The trademark was offcially registered in 1923. At that time, the dragonfly in the trademark was perched on the ground,but now it is flying towards the sky, mirroring our hopes for the future.


Company Profile


Top Management Says

  • "We stand for stability and competence in the field of risk protection. We use our experience, know-how and diversity to move closer to our customers. We see it as our responsibilities to protect the values that matter to our customers."

    - Mr Hirotsugu Kinugawa

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